2014 Bring It on!

There are far better things ahead than what we leave behindI always love the start of a new year. 2013 was a bit rough, well really it sucked for the most part in regards of accomplishing 90% of what I had planned! But this year – I’m ready! Every 1st day of January I feel like I can do anything and I am seriously ready to conquer the world. I have these ideas, goals and plans for my life and my business that are beyond exciting. I am ready to defeat anyone and anything that gets in my way – I am dedicated, and bound for greatness. Ha, the only thing is (without fail) every single year within weeks I loose sight of all those big ideas and plans because I get so caught up in life and then by mid year start to loose my momentum and before I know it it’s time to welcome yet another new year regretting all I should of done in the 365 days that just flew past! So pretty much all I need to do is pull out the previous years resolutions and copy that for the year to come. I mean I can cross off a thing or two but for the most part many of my resolutions are on repeat due to the fact that I don’t carry out those big plans for whatever reason!

At the start of 2013 I was bound and determined to make adjustments and great changes to the business aspect of my life. I literally was overflowing with ideas so much so that I asked Mike to build me a dry erase board in my office that spanned top to bottom full length of the wall just to jot down all these ideas because the sticky notes, and random pieces of paper were starting to take over my desk, kitchen, car, purse, and everywhere else I would write all these super fabulous ideas I had. Well time went on, business orders came in, life happened and most of those ideas fell to the wayside of bath time, dance class, homework, laundry, work….. you know the day to day stuff that ends up overtaking every moment of life – which is fine I love all of those things (except laundry) for they are the moments that make memories but surely their has to be a way to have both, to accomplish my goals and be supermom/successful entrepreneur/wife. I’d like to blame it on the fact that my Mike didn’t build me my dream-board but really it was my own fault! I should of sat down and made an organized list with realistic monthly goals and made it a priority to make things happen not just at the beginning of the year but all year long.  I have no one to blame but myself.

Let us pause for a moment and take note of the fact that the last time I posted on this blog was around this time last year. Sad. I even wrote in that post that starting to actually post on this blog was one of my resolutions – big fat fail with that one!!!!!!! So here we are 2014, I wrote down my repeat resolutions and added a few new ones. But here’s the difference between this year and all the others: I have this thing, I don’t know exactly where it’s located maybe somewhere in between my brain, my heart, and the pit of my stomach that has been overwhelming me with the motivation to be much more productive then I was last year. Almost as if I woke and realized I will not be living forever so EVERY day really does matter! Maybe it’s the realization that my oldest baby will graduate in 3 years and while life moves forward I have been standing still, maybe it’s that year after year I strive to be debt free but somehow each year money continues to be the foundation of my stress, maybe it’s the fear that my business will not become all that I want it to be and I will fail myself far more than I ever imagined – whatever it is it’s overtaken me and made me really look at my life and where it’s going.

Last year flew by, I mean it FLEW by and I will not spend another 365 days letting my goals and life pass me by so here we go 2014 BRING IT ON!

My top 3 resolutions (the hard copy list is pretty long ):

1. Make every minute matter. Not literally every minute but I really need to stop multiple times during the day and just take in the moment because once it’s gone – it’s gone. The little moments, the ones you don’t think to enjoy – the crying baby, the kids dancing in my tiny kitchen, Mike being Mike even though he’s a dork and can often drive me nuts – because guess what one day I will have none of these little things (well maybe Mike for the long run) but soon enough my kitchen will be empty and my crying baby will be grown and gone so I need to just stop, look around and be in the moment. At the end of the day I want to ask myself did I make the minutes matter and have the answer be yes or even I tried at the very least!

2. Run. Fix these knees and run. It makes me such a better me. It’s the only thing that’s all mine so whatever I have to do. Tear me open and put me back together as long as I can run again!

3. Finish my business to do list. I love working from home but it sometimes overwhelms me I get lost in my current work and don’t work on bettering my business so this year I will finally do a few things I have been wanting to do.

So there it is – my fresh start, new year action plan – 2014 lets do this!

Having Fun With Our New Elf!

Our Elf arrived for the very 1st time this year! Avery had been wanting an elf and just as Santa promised we got one! YAY! I am super exited about it also! He arrived on Sunday night when we were decorating the Christmas tree, the doorbell rang and on our front porch was a wrapped up package with a big bow! Avery ripped open the box, she was so beyond excited and inside was a poem from santa, tons and tons of candy canes and sure enough an elf! We decided to name him Eugine, well actually we decided to call him Flynn and then Eugine when hes a good elf!

Our Elf on the Shelf Eugine with Rapunzel

He has had a lot of fun this week!The first night he was here he decided to spend it with Rapunzel ( I wonder why) and imposter Rapunzel (Barbie dressed as Repunzel) guess he was confused! They unwrapped all of the candy canes that came in the box from the North Pole, hung them on my Christmas tree decoration and ate the rest!

Elf on the Shelf TP Christmas Tree

The next night Flynn decided to tp the Christmas tree we had just decorated! Check him out all the way up top!

As one of our Christmas activities the girls and I decorated snowmen, guess Flynn thought he was due for some of him own snow fun!!!

Elf on the Shelf Making Snow Angels

The girls were having a hard time getting along so Eugine left them a friendly reminder on our kitchen mirror with and expo marker to “Be “Good”! Then he emptied out all of the bulbs and flowers from our Christmas vase on the kitchen table and hopped in I think he may have been hiding from all the craziness around here!
Elf on the Shelf Eugine in Vase 2012

On day #5 with our little Elf on the Shelf we woke up to find that Eugine had taken down all of our stockings and replaced them with socks, even one of baby Jd’s little socks!

Elf on the Shelf Switching out Stockings for Socks

On day #6 I guess our elf decided he was due for a bath, in marshmallows of course how else would elves bathe!!!!

Elf on the Shelf taking a bath filled with marshmellows

And on day #7 of our 1st week with our new Elf on the Shelf, well we found him slumped over hanging off one of the stairs. It was a very sad sight and we knew that wasn’t quite where he should be so after taking a look around we realized that he had been having fun in Avery;s Strawberry Shortcake remote control car! So either he was driving really fast and flew out or the cat decided to attack him – let’s go with option #1 for jis sake!

So Bree had a great idea, since we couldn’t touch our elf she went down and got the tongs and placed him back in the car carefully, well as careful as you can with an elf and tongs – he took a few falls but he made it!

Elf on the Shelf goes for a Spin in Remote Control Car

Well week one with our new little elf has been lots of fun! Can’t wait for all of next weeks adventures!


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Under Major Reconstruction!!!!

Well, after starting and designing hundreds of other blogs I finally decided to start my own semi-personal blog! Actually, I’m only finally starting it for 2 reasons:

1) Our Elf of the Shelf arrived and I love him so much I just want to write all about him!Plus, I have been taking tons of Christmas fun idea pics that I want to post!

2) It was my one of my New Years resolutions to finally start this blog and that deadline is up here in about 4 weeks so here we go!

So please excuse the mess, I know it’s not very visually appealing and that bothers me beyond all belief but for now it is what it is – so fitting to my title right! I knew that would come in handy!. Not really sure what direction I will take with this little blog though, don’t think I will post much about my precious little ones , I love them dearly but I am a bit private in that regard but maybe all my ups and downs and little imperfections, crafts gone good and bad, etc…

Now that I have it started, lets just pray I can keep it going!!!